Johanna Grüssner Receives the Ålandsbanken Arts Prize 2016

Vocalist, choir director and educator Johanna Grüssner receives the Ålandsbanken Arts Prize 2016.

Johanna Grüssner as an artist has proven versatile, original and rich in musical nuance, and her work as a teacher is known to be encouraging, full of enthusiasm and musical professionalism.

The award is announced by the Cultural Foundation of the Åland Islands in Finland (Ålands kulturstiftelse) in the spring every year. The award sum is 4000 euros.

Grüssner is from the Åland Islands in Finland. She studied in Sweden before moving to Boston and New York. She is a Berklee and Manhattan School graduate. Grüssner made headlines in major U.S. television broadcasting companies in 2001 when she had trained her Bronx public school children to sing groovy gospel, and touring her native Finland. She made a particular impression on New York Times journalist Anemona Hartocollis, who wrote the book Seven Days of Possibilities, describing Grüssner's ambitious dedication.

Grüssner has also recorded several albums of children's music, such as her latest release, Peter in Blueberry Land (Puttes äventyr i Blåbärsskogen), Nu ska vi sjunga and Moomin Voices (Muminröster). She is also a member of Ulvens döttrar together with her two sisters, performing original ethnic Scandinavian music.

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Keywords: Arts, Prize, Åland Islands, Finland
Genre: Kids
Published: Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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