Blue Music Group To Offer Free MP3 Downloads

In the era of Spotify and Pandora streaming subscriptions, jazz and classical downloads have become an ever-less popular form of listening to music. While Compact Disc sales have surged somewhat, streaming is in 2015 the predominant way to consume music.

Blue Music Group - The Small Label With Big Music - has taken bold measures to make their MP3 download items more popular. Music by Chick Corea, Miguel Zenón, Ben Monder, Mika Pohjola, Ulvens Döttrar, Chris Cheek, Matt Penman, Jill Seifers Walsh, Fernando Huergo and several others are now available at "any price", even free of charge.

"Some people download the music without paying anything and that's fine if they are listening", says Pohjola, who is the leading force of the label. "However, most people pay something, and it's a fact that sales has surged quite a bit recently."

Pohjola argues that it is the freedom for buyers to pay on a sliding scale which is the key to the success of the downloads. "Also, CD sales are up as this tangible format still appeals to many."

Mika Pohjola, who was born in Finland, has a 17-year long career as a jazz musician in New York City. He moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 2012 to pursue his career mainly as a composer. Pohjola is a Steinway Artist since 1998 and a Major Visiting Artist at Berklee College of Music. He has produced more than thirty albums under his own name in the genres of jazz, classical and children's music. He was recently commissioned to compose for the Nobel Museum in Stockholm. produces jazz, classical, latin, Scandinavian and avant-garde music in addition to sheet music and merchandise. The label recently released a compendium of Linear Writing which comprices all harmonic and line writing rules in jazz arranging as taught by Berklee College of Music since the 1950s.

Kind: Press Release
Keywords: Label News
Genre: Nordic
Published: Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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