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"Blue Music Group company leaves Spotify" reports SR, Swedish Radio
The record company Blue Music Group, which specializes in folk music, classical music and... Full Story
The Real Swedish Essential Songs - Beyond ABBA - Now Released
A fruitful cooperation spanning twenty years, vocalist Johanna Grüssner and... Full Story
Spotify: BMG The Latest To Leave The Streaming Giant
Blue Music Group, "The small label with big music", is the latest in line of small jazz and... Full Story
The Centennial Of Tove Jansson, Finnish Author & Visual Artist, Celebrated by Moomin Voices
The Moomin Voices project, by composer and arranger Full Story
Bothnia Rhythm Orchestra and Ulvens Döttrar Join Forces On Scandinavian Tour
Bothnia Rhythm Orchestra, BRO, presents a set of new and old but nevertheless all custom... Full Story
Pianist Mika Pohjola Presents a Stockholm Concert Series
Pianist and composer Mika Pohjola presents a weekly concert series at the Finnish Church... Full Story
Pianist & Composer Mika Pohjola Visits Berklee College of Music
Finnish-American pianist and composer Mika Pohjola will give a two-day seminar at Berklee... Full Story
Revamped Versions of Swedish Children's Songs By Alice Tegnér Released
Swedish singing tradition is alive and well. In the latest of revamped versions of children's... Full Story
New York Jazz: Mika Pohjola, Dan Loomis, Kyle Struve: Trio Hour
Mika Pohjola is a man of many talents. He runs the New York-based Blue Music Group -... Full Story
Stockholm Folk Festival, August 9-11 crosses genres on five stages.
During three days, August 9-11, 2013, all of Hesselby Slott outside the Swedish capital will... Full Story